Knife KL logo Ladder

Whilst The World Mourns Its Inevitable Decay,
We Choose To Write The Soundtrack
- A Primal Techno Organic Soundscape.
All Locked In An Unholy War Of
Stealth And Sonic Violence.

A Descent Into A Vortex Of Crush-Ing Weight,
Struggling Like An Insect In A Web
Resistance Is Useless, Yet Entirely Neccessary, For The
Choice Is To Surrender To The Blindness Of The Mundane.

The Extreme Sound Levels Create A Compression Ratio
Wall Of Noise, Teetering On The Brink Of Chaos.
A Catharsis Of Pedro Voodoo Rhythm
And Shrieking Elec-Tronics,
Barely Constrained By Deep Rumbling Bass.